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The 2014 Online campaign pledging sites for CFC of South Hampton Roads are OPEN. Online Pledges can be made at this time.              

CAMPAIGN DATES:  1 September 2014 through 15 December 2014

Retirees/Contractors:  Must make a contribution via a Paper pledge and Cash/Check only. Click here to download paper pledge.


Pledge Online Now!

CFC NEXUS:  Coordinators will have access to the "Payroll" menu on the NEXUS online pledging site to process donor pledges and download reports for their respective Federal agency/tenant commands. DO NOT process NEXUS pledges that you do not have in hand to submit to CFC or your PSD/Payroll office.

Credit Card Payments for CFCSHR Now Accepted (CFC NEXUS ONLY)
Donors may now contribute to the CFC & pay by credit card on the CFCSHR Nexus online pledge site only.



Online Pledging with MyPay

Click here to download the guide with instructions, customized for the South Hampton Roads CFC only, on pledging online using MyPay.  This guide should not be shared with personnel home ported in regions outside of South Hampton Roads.


- Active duty Army, Navy, Marine & Air Force; as well as, all DoD Civilian Federal employees may contribute online to the CFC through the MyPay option ONLY IF they are giving via payroll deduction. Those federal employees who do not use MyPay as their payroll system, such as DHS personnel USCG and USPS, will not be able to use this option.

- This system DOES NOT permit cash/check/credit card payment methods.  Thus, a paper/carbon pledge form or NEXUS online pledging will need to be completed for Cash/Check pledges.

- Donors giving through MyPay will not have to print off form to submit to coordinator/key worker or CFC representative. For accurate tracking and processing, donors may inform coordinator of their use of MyPay pledging.


When prompted, please use the correct CFC 4-digit Campaign Code (0897) for making your payroll pledge here in South Hampton Roads CFC.

Please use the CORRECT Numeric Federal Agency/Command/Office Code which is your federal agency/military or civilian tenant command's CFCSHR Account Number.  Please contact your CFC Coordinator(s) or Kenyetta Fauntleroy, CFCSHR Associate Director at kfauntleroy@unitedwayshr.orgPLEASE DO NOT ENTER ANY OTHER CODES THAN WHAT'S ASSIGNED BY CFCSHR.

COORDINATORS:   Please contact Kenyetta Fauntleroy with any questions on MyPay pledging, or any other pledging. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE CFCSHR CODES, FOR MYPAY, WITH ANY OTHER DONORS FROM OTHER CFC REGIONS AS THEY WILL RECEIVE SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS AND MYPAY CODING ACCORDING TO THEIR REGION.  Coordinators will not have direct permission to view or obtain a listing of those donors who give via MyPay. However, a donor report will be downloaded periodically for reporting purposes and coordinators will be kept abreast of overall total online pledges (MyPay/NEXUS).

MyPay Fact Sheet for CFCSHR




*Online Pledging withEmployee Express (EEX)


Link to utilize CFC-EEX for online pledge completion by donors within participating Federal Agencies:

*Click here to view participating Federal Agencies (highlighted on Page 2)